Fennel Anti Aging Benefits

By T. Mahabir

Fennel is a tall and particularly attractive perennial plant that is native to the Mediterranean region. Widely hailed from times of yore for a large host of properties, the chief among those being anti-aging and weight loss, it possesses a piquant flavor that resembles licorice or anise. The herb is popularly used for flavoring in culinary recipes both in Europe – especially in France and Italy – as well as in India. Oil extracted from the seeds is sometimes added to certain liqueurs for flavor as well.

Anti-aging effects of the herb

The herb boasts of a surprising array of anti-aging properties and is said to impart strength and contribute to longevity. It is often used in facial steam concoctions to combat signs of aging while cleansing the pores simultaneously. It is also added to many anti-wrinkle creams as well as products like perfumes, soaps, body and facial cream.

Fennel is rich in vitamin C, stimulants and detoxifiers and an amino acid called arginine, which aids tissue rejuvenation, thus preventing ageing. All these, along with minerals such as magnesium and cobalt are present in the herb’s essential oils and protect human eyes from disorders connected to ageing like macular degeneration as well as inflammation. Herbalists often recommend that the juice from the plant’s leaves be applied topically on the eyes to decrease fatigue and irritation.


The herb is an enviable source of vitamin C which helps regulate the immune system and protects the arteries and brain from the effects of aging. It is also a source of folic acid that aids in cell body division and lowers heart disease risk and is needed to utilize amino acids and sugar.

Other properties

Rich in fiber, this herb is also believed to decrease cholesterol. The plant’s seeds help the liver detoxify the body more effectively. It is considered a great antidote for the blues, anxiety, insomnia and stress. It can also relieve water retention and thus eliminates toxic wastes and is prescribed to eliminate urinary stones and for inflammation of the urinary tract.

The seeds are recognized to help relax smooth muscles, thus aiding in digestion, particularly fat. As chewing on the seeds inhibits appetite, it is considered a good weight loss aid.

Methods of consumption

This plant is one of the most popular herbs due to its versatility. It can be imbibed as a tisane – a herbal tea – or included while cooking a dish. However, do remember the old adage that too much of everything is as bad as too little. So do exercise moderation as some of the herb’s essential oil components and chemicals can have adverse effects like palpitations, breathing trouble and irregular heartbeats if ingested in large amounts.

Fennel is considered a blessing from every angle as every part of the herb from root to seed can be utilized, ranging from cosmetic to culinary to medical uses. This age-old herbal prescription is still widely acclaimed as an anti-aging and weight reduction remedy today. It is a bonus in today’s world that is replete with additives and chemicals that we not only apply topically on our bodies but also regularly ingest.

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