What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Autism?

People with autism hear, see and feel differently from others. If you are autistic, you will have autism all your life. This is not a disease and cannot be cured. Even autistic people face some difficulties but it affects everyone in different ways. Some autistic people have learning disabilities, mental health problems, or other conditions, which means that people need a variety of support. When assisted properly, an autistic person can be of great help.

How many types of Autism?

There are three types of autism spectrum disorder

Autistic disorder

Most people think of this type of autism as soon as they hear the word autism. People with autistic disorder usually speak late and face social and communication challenges and also have unusual behaviors and interests. Many people with autistic disorder also have intellectual problems.

Asperger Syndrome

People with Asperger’s syndrome usually have some symptoms of autistic disorder. They may face social challenges and may also have unusual behaviors and interests. However, they do not usually have language-related or intellectual problems.

Peripheral developmental disorder

People who have some symptoms of autistic disorder or Asperger’s syndrome may have a perversive developmental disorder. Such people usually have fewer symptoms or have a lower intensity than people with autistic disorder. Symptoms can only cause social and communication challenges.

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Symptoms of Autism

What are the symptoms of autism?

Social communication and contact problems

  • Failing to respond to your name.
  • Resist hugging or holding and like to play alone.
  • Avoiding eye contact and no face guardians.
  • Not speaking or delaying speaking or not being able to speak the words or sentences that were previously spoken properly.
  • Unable to initiate or continue the conversation or to initiate a conversation only for request.
  • Speaking with an unusual rhythm, using the sound of a song or a robot-like voice.
  • Repeating words or phrases but not understanding their use.
  • Inability to understand simple questions or directions.
  • Not expressing your feelings and being ignorant of others’ feelings.
  • Avoiding social contact by being passive, aggressive or disruptive.

Behavioral characteristics

  • Repeating certain activities, such as shaking, walking or flapping hands, or self-inflicted sings (such as head banging).
  • Developing specific routines or rituals and getting annoyed with just a few changes.
  • To move continuously
  • Behave uncooperatively or be resistant to change.
  • Coordination problems or performing strange activities (such as walking on toes).
  • Being unusually sensitive to light, sound, and touch and not feeling pain.
  • Non-participation in artificial sports.
  • Keep doing any work or activity with unusual intensity or focus.
  • Having a strange choice of food, such as eating only certain foods or consuming only certain foods.

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Causes and Risk Factors of Autism

Why does autism occur?

There is no known cause of autism spectrum disorder. The complexity and intensity of the disorder vary from person to person and that is why there are many reasons. Both genetic and environmental factors play an important role in autism.

Genetic problems

Autism spectrum disorder involves many different genes. In some children, autism may be related to a genetic disorder. For others, genetic changes can make a child susceptible to autism or create environmental risk factors. Some genetic problems are family, while others occur on their own.

Environmental factors

Researchers are currently exploring whether viral infections, pregnancy complications, or air pollution cause autism spectrum disorder.

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What are the risk factors for Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder affects children of all races and nationalities, but some factors increase their risk. like –

Gender – Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.

Family History – If a child in a family suffers from autism, the other child is also at greater risk of suffering from it.

Other disorders – Children with certain medical problems are at higher risk of autism.

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