Thought-controlled cybernetic arms demonstrated
Thought-controlled cybernetic arms demonstrated

Friday, September 15, 2006

Jesse Sullivan has two cybernetic arms, after electrical burns suffered while working as an electrical utility lineman resulted in amputation of both his arms at the shoulder. Claudia Mitchell has a similar cybernetic left arm, after a motorcycle accident resulted in amputation. Sullivan and Mitchell shook hands with these thought-controlled prosthetic arms at an event staged Thursday in Washington, D.C. by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Center for Artificial Limbs at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Unlike traditional prosthetic limbs, these are actuated through muscle reinnervation; nerves are grafted onto specific muscles, controlling their contraction, which are then detected by electrode sensors and control the prosthetic limb. “Basically it is connecting the dots. Finding the nerves. We have to free the nerves and see how far they reach,” says Dr. Todd Kuiken, developer of the prostheses and director of neuroengineering at the Rehabilitation Institute. By this chain of communication the prostheses utilize thought-controlled biomechanics. According to Sullivan, “When I use the new prosthesis I just do things. I don’t have to think about it … I do all the yard work. I take out the garbage.”

DARPA, as an agency of the United States Department of Defense, seeks to eventually provide such prostheses for soldiers losing their organic limbs in combat. “We’re excited about collaborating with the military,” said Kuiken. 411 U.S. troops in Iraq and 37 in Afghanistan have had wounds that cost them at least one limb according to the Army Medical Command.

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Square Plates : Do You Love The Big Apple?

Submitted by: Allen Franklin

Square Plates have ever been a outstanding way of conducting your taste in dinnerware, and have always drawn out several responses from souls. Well for virtually role, they show a changing and out of the box way of meaning and infinite. They have an fine experience to them, yet at the corresponding time, they are so out there. Square plates are as realistic as round plates, but they propose so much more on an cosmetic level. Here at Fishs Eddy we share your cacoethes for good dinnerware and especially Square Plates. That is way, we have a orbit of square plates to take from, whether it s a standardized evening meal or an out of control party with your closest friends.

There are many to pick from, just to give you a smell, here are some of them. For those with a more architectural inclination towards spirit, we have the floor contrive square plate collection. We have the direct square plate for you, whether it be the studio or the terrasse, your sumptuosity apartment or the duplex. All Floor be after square plates come with complete illustrations of the cited rooms, and are really absorbing to look at, showing the type of person you are, and representing your warmth, for really getting into the center of things.

YouTube Preview Image

On the other hand, if you happen to be someone with more of an creative spark in your eye, we have the mastered line up of square plates to cater to your originative juices. How about taking a trip with Alice down the rabbit hole? Yes, we have two square plate designs specially dedicated to Alice in Wonderland! With faultless informative renditions by John Tenniel, the Alice in Wonderland Square Plates truly are works of art. You can take between Alice seeing up at Chester the Cat or her being blinded by flying cards, both these square plates are useable in 9 inches.

At Fishs Eddy there is no shortfall of choice, we make sure we provide to all sensuous tastes, so that no one senses left out. If you are more inclined towards something more old school, how about our wood square platter and wood square sauce dish? These wooden square plates go perfectly well nearly everywhere in the house; close to the fire place, in the kitchen, on the table with the wooden floor, and so on, practically anywhere wood can be found. This makes the wood square plate the most applied option to pick for your home.

Do you love the big Apple? Well here at Fishs Eddy we can not get enough off New York. That is why we have three various New York themes to prefer from, including Brooklyn, Take 5 and the Times Square hotel. So you can fall in love all over once more with the big Apple, and make it component of your home. These are some of the umpteen particularized square plates that are useable here at Fishs Eddy. So the next time you want to see how nonverbal you can be through your dinnerware and dishes, Fishs Eddy is the place you re seeing for, because We Do Dishes.

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square plates

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‘Freedom Tower’ renamed ‘1 World Trade Center’
‘Freedom Tower’ renamed ‘1 World Trade Center’

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The 108-floor central component of the new World Trade Center in New York City has been officially renamed 1 World Trade Center, ending the Freedom Tower moniker it had sported since 2003.

Freedom Tower was envisioned as a symbol of America’s victory over terrorism. It is currently on track for completion in 2013, with 10 floors partially finished so far.

Port Authority Chairman Anthony Coscia commented on the change, “It’s the one that is easiest for people to identify with — and frankly, we’ve gotten a very interested and warm reception to it.”

Former Governor George Pataki, who revealed the Freedom Tower name nearly six years ago, was critical of the switch, saying “The Freedom Tower is not simply another piece of real estate and not just a name for marketing purposes.”

1 World Trade Center has been the building’s legal name and address for the past two years, with the public change precipitated by the ramp up of construction and the commencement of lease marketing.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg seemed ambivalent to the change, saying “I would like to see it stay the Freedom Tower, but it’s their building, and they don’t need me dumping on it. If they could rent the whole thing by changing the name, I guess they’re going to do that, and they probably, from a responsible point of view, should. From a patriotic point of view, is it going to make any difference?”

The change was approved following the signing of a two-decades-long lease by a Chinese real estate company, which plans to occupy floors 64 through 69. Other future tenants include the U.S. General Services Administration and the New York State Office of General Services.

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Chinese ship leaking oil near Great Barrier Reef
Chinese ship leaking oil near Great Barrier Reef

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Chinese merchant ship has run aground off the coast of Australia and began leaking oil into the ocean near the Great Barrier Reef, triggering fears of a major oil spill into the waters near the reef.

The ship, the Shen Neng 1, was carrying 950 tonnes of oil, along with 65,000 tonnes of coal, from Gladstone, a port in Queensland, Australia, to China. It reportedly ran aground sometime late on Saturday 70 kilometers from Great Keppel Island, according to a spokesperson from the Queensland state government. The spokesperson, Mark Strong, said that oil had been spotted off the ship about two nautical miles away, although there was currently no major leak. A plane was dispatched to spray a dispersant over the oil, as well as to assess the situation, and a major clean-up operation was being planned by authorities.

The day after the ship first grounded, reports began emerging that it had been travelling in a restricted zone of the ocean, around nine miles outside the normal shipping lane, and had been travelling at full speed when it grounded. An official from Queensland said that a probing inquiry would later be conducted into its presence outside the shipping channel.

Conservationists said that the incident was “a sign of things to come,” and that there was the potential for a much larger accident in the future. One such person, a spokesman for the Capricorn Conservation Council, said that “We are outraged that no marine pilot is required on ships between Gladstone and Cairns.” Cairns is a city on the northern coast of Australia.

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RSA: cautious welcome to Stern Review
RSA: cautious welcome to Stern Review

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) gave what it called a “cautious welcome” to the Stern Review on the economics of climate change.

The leader of the RSA’s CarbonLimited Project, Matt Prescott, agreed that this needed global co-operation, but urged the British government to expand the notion of carbon trading downwards to the level of the individual when drafting the Climate Change Bill.

The RSA has produced the first mock-up of personal carbon trading online. There, members of the public can obtain an estimate of their own carbon ‘footprint’ by entering their gas and electricity consumptions, car and air mileages, on the RSA’s Carbon DAQ web site.

The RSA suggest that a personal target of 5 tonnes of carbon emission per annum should be achievable.

The RSA has a three-year project to investigate the feasibility of personal carbon trading. It has initiated research, conducted open public debates and is co-ordinating various trials.

Personal carbon trading entails allocating to each individual an equal share of the overall sustainable level of carbon emissions. There would be an open market that would enable those who had not used up their share to sell their surplus to those who need, or can afford, an entitlement to emit more than their ration.

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The Best Car Mechanic And Car Repair Service The Most Your Need

The Best Car Mechanic and Car Repair Service- The Most Your Need



These days the owner of the car is increasing day by day as the sale is getting maximized. As the loans and financiers are available, getting a car or another vehicle has become simpler and easier. Once you have bought a car, it requires the regular maintenance. For that it’s important that you obtain the proper car mechanic to get car repair and car service. Also it is advisable to get gas services.

YouTube Preview Image

There are many reasons you will find to get gas services. Today the price if the petrol is increasing day by day. Hence it has become indispensable to get the gas conversion. In Australia, you can easily get the best gas services and other car services at reasonable cost. If you want to make your car working properly and give its best then you need to get proper car service and gas series regularly. We all know that regular break downs occur to the car and hence we require opting for car mechanic for the car repair, car service, and gas services. Sometimes it gets irritating whenever you fall short to obtain a correct car mechanic. Having a correct car mechanic available, fifty percent the job is performed; as you can ensure that you car in under secure hand. There are many car mechanics available who guarantee that they\’ll give out the best car service and gas services. Nevertheless, you have to consider a competent car service, after which you won\’t ever need to go to all of them once again, at least for several weeks. If you are wondering that how to get the car mechanic and car service in Australia then the best way is the reference. You can ask your friend and family members who own cars and have recently got car service or gas services. Once you have obtained the best car mechanic, get the car repair service form him only. The expert car repair mechanic will check plugs filter, car engine, and also the gas filtration system. Once it has been done, once can come to conclusion then which part actually needs to be fixed. If you want to get more options for car service and gas services then Internet can serve you the best. Searching online will conserve your time and help you to get best car repair service in Australia.

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Galician emigrant Rufino López receives 2013 Spanish-American International Award
Galician emigrant Rufino López receives 2013 Spanish-American International Award

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Emigrant Rufino Lopez, born in Cedeira, Galicia, Spain in 1955, was awarded on Wednesday with the 2013 Spanish-American International Award by the Spanish Benevolent Society of New York.

Graduated in literature by the Lehman College of CUNY in 1976, Rufino Lopez has preserved his admiration to the great figures of Spanish literary and philosophical tradition, as Unamuno and Ortega y Gasset, or Cervantes, while shaping the Solera Restaurant, located in the city of New York for more than twenty years, near the United Nations Headquarters. Rufino is the only son of Galician Francisco Lopez, who emigrated to New York City as a construction worker in 1971.

While studying, Rufino Lopez worked in Italian and French restaurants, finding no Spanish restaurants that could represent the high value of Spanish cuisine in the Big Apple. In 1987 he founded his first restaurant, called Alcalá, in the Upper West Side in Manhattan, and in 1991 founded Solera Restaurant. Since its opening, in the days when the paella was made ??in Manhattan in a pot with a lid instead of the regional authentic way as made in Valencia, with a pan, the Executive Chef of Solera Restaurant at that time, Dominick Cerrone, began incorporating Spanish regional dishes prepared with fidelity to its Spanish origin, one of the marks of the restaurant.

The history of the Spanish-American International Award began in 2012, when the writer and filmmaker Artur Balder was awarded. Artur Balder, now a US citizen, directed the documentary Little Spain, which displayed the historical memory of the Spanish district of Manhattan. According to the website of the organization, the award was created with the mission to promote the image of Spanish emigration in the United States, and is given to promote the work of those who are contributing to the consolidation of the Spanish-American identity in the United States. The Spanish-American International Prize was created to support emigrants who have made an outstanding contribution to the Spanish-American identity and the American heritage.

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Cervical Corpectomy,Cervical Corpectomy And Fusion Spine Surgery India

Cervical Corpectomy,Cervical Corpectomy and Fusion Spine Surgery India



Cervical Corpectomy Overview

What Is An Anterior Cervical Corpectomy with Fusion?

The term corpectomy is derived from the Latin words corpus (body) and -ectomy (removal). The procedure typically involves accessing the cervical spine through an anterior approach, or from the front. Spinal fusion is usually necessary because of the amount of vertebral bone and/or disc material that must be removed to achieve sufficient decompression of the neural structures.

Spinal fusion involves placing bone graft or bone graft substitute between two or more affected vertebrae to promote bone growth between the vertebral bodies. The graft material acts as a binding medium and also helps maintain normal disc height – as the body heals, the vertebral bone and bone graft eventually grow together to join the vertebrae and stabilize the spine.

Why Do I Need This Procedure?

Nerve compression in the cervical can cause neck pain and/or pain, numbness and weakness that extends into the shoulders, arms and hands.

Degenerative spinal conditions, including herniated discs and bone spurs, are common causes of spinal nerve compression. Spinal fracture, tumor or infection also may result in pressure on the spinal nerves.

To determine whether your condition requires treatment with an anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion, your doctor will examine your spine and take your medical history, and may order an x-ray, computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of your cervical vertebrae. An anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion is typically recommended only after conservative treatment methods fail. Your surgeon will take a number of factors into consideration before making this recommendation, including the condition to be treated, your age, health and lifestyle and your anticipated level of activity following surgery. Please discuss this treatment option thoroughly with your spinal care provider.

YouTube Preview Image

How Is A Cervical Corpectomy Performed?

Through an incision either to the right or left of the midline of your neck, your surgeon will:

Gently retract the muscles and tissues of the neck to expose the anterior vertebral column.

Remove a portion of the vertebral body(ies) and intervertebral disc(s) to access the compressed neural structures

Relieve the pressure by removing the source of the compression

Place a bone graft or bone graft substitute between the adjacent vertebrae at the decompression site

Attach instrumentation, such as plating and screws, along the treated vertebra(e) to provide extra support and stability while fusion and healing occurs.

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Having the industry s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. With a ratio of one Patient Care Manager to five patients our patient care standards are unmatched across the sub continent.

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French workers use threats in compensation demand
French workers use threats in compensation demand

Friday, July 17, 2009Following similar threats by workers at New Fabris and Nortel, workers at JLG in Tonneins, France, threatened to blow up several platform cranes. The JLG factory announced in April 2009 that it will fire 53 of its 163 workers by the end of 2009, while the remaining 110 jobs will not be secure over the next 2 years.

JLG Tonneins was acquired in 2006 with its parent JLG Industries, a maker of aerial work platforms, by the U.S.-based Oshkosh Corporation. Despite being hugely profitable in the past, production has been much reduced since 2008 with the contraction of the construction industry and lower demand for its products. Despite excellent past results the new American management demanded sweeping cuts at the company.

In the view of locals, “the company’s actions are a disgrace given the expensive perks, such as official cars, for its corporate fat cats, compared to the sacrifice, silence, and dignity demanded by the company of those it has made redundant.”

The management offered severance pay of 3,000 (US $4,200), however the workers demanded a severance package commensurate with “the wealth that their labor has generated.” Worker’s delegates requested a “supra-legal” payment of € 30,000, on Thursday 16 of July the management responded with a counter offer of € 16,000. On Thursday night the worker’s actions secured the € 30,000 settlement initially demanded.

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Cabinet Minister resigns after boycott in Grenada
Cabinet Minister resigns after boycott in Grenada

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Grenadian cabinet Minister has resigned after he boycotted his own swearing-in ceremony. Michael Church handed his resignation to Tillman Thomas, the Prime Minister of Grenada yesterday. Church boycotted the ceremony after he was demoted from Minister of Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs. He was then given the post of Junior Minister in the Ministry of Works, Physical Development and Public Utilities.

Church was demoted after he made a visit to Italy with a former trade advisor without the government’s consent. He then boycotted the ceremony along with two other ministers. Peter David and Glynnis Roberts also had their posts changed in the cabinet reshuffle. They have since accepted their new posts.

Prime Minister Tillman issued a statement on Church’s decision to leave the cabinet. He said “It is always a traumatic experience for a government to lose one of its members, especially at a time when all hands are needed in the rebuilding of our nation.”

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