Israeli PM Ariel Sharon undergoes emergency surgery
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon undergoes emergency surgery

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon underwent emergency surgery at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel to treat intestinal damage revealed by a recent computed tomography, better known as a CT scan. The Chief Surgeon said, “Sharon is out of danger, for the moment. His condition is stable and the surgery was a success.” Sharon is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Yesterday doctors treating Sharon had noticed a swollen abdomen and ordered a CT scan on his torso and found the damage to his intestine. Later tests had shown that part of the large intestine had developed necrosis and needed to be immediately removed.

Hospital director Shlomo Mor-Yosef stated a press conference that there were “no complications” during surgery. “His (Sharon’s) key problem is lack of consciousness. There is no significant change in his condition. Doctors did not find any occluded artery and there were no blood vessels blocked. He is stable but in critical condition at this time and he is in no immediate danger at this moment.”

Yosef also said that Sharon’s sons and family had met earlier and decided to go forward with the surgery and treatment.

Doctors removed at least 50cm of Sharon’s large intestine.

Yosef also said that possible reasons as to why Sharon’s intestine was damaged were, “maybe infection or decline of blood supply to the intestine.” Yosef also said that the surgery was both a “routine procedure” and “not a dramatic” one. “Hospitals perform these operations sometimes two or three times a day,” he added.

Yael Bossem-Levy, a spokesman for Hadassah Medical Center said earlier that, “the prime minister’s life is in danger. His condition is now very serious, or critical. Sharon’s digestive tract has undergone severe deterioration while he’s been unconscious, and there appears to be a blockage in his blood circulation. The restricted blood flow raised the possibility of necrosis, or death of tissue, in the intestines.”

Levy also stated that Sharon’s condition has “deteriorated to its most critical point since his admission.”

The 77 year-old leader has been hospitalized since January 4th, after suffering a massive stroke which left him comatose. This is his seventh surgery since his hospitalization.

Sharon has been hospitalized for thirty-nine days, and has been on a feeding tube for two weeks.

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New York Governor introduces same-sex marriage bill
New York Governor introduces same-sex marriage bill

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New York’s governor David Paterson introduced a bill Thursday into the state legislature to legalize marriage between same-sex couples, although it appears to lack the necessary support in the state senate.

For too long, the gay and lesbian communities have been told their rights and freedoms have to wait.

“For too long, the gay and lesbian communities have been told their rights and freedoms have to wait”, said Gov. Paterson. “The time has come to bring marriage equality to the State of New York.”

The legislation would give same-sex couples 1,300 to 1,400 rights that don’t exist unless a couple is married, he said.

Of the four states in which same-sex marriage is presently legal — Vermont, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Connecticut — only Vermont has legalized marriage within the state legislature. The other three states have determined through the courts that the prohibition of same-sex marriage was not allowed under their state constitutions.

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“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

North America’s largest outdoor dog festival came back to Toronto last weekend for its fifth year. It ran from the 9th of June to the 10th of June at Toronto’s historical St. Lawrence Market. A Wikinews reporter was there on Sunday to report on some of the events that happened on the last day.

The “Woofstock” dog festival attracted as many as 140,000 people with their dogs. The festival had tons of accessories, sold under tents, to buy for dogs; food, toys, designer clothes, and more. About 400 vendors and exhibitors were there to promote their products, which also gave private dog companies or groups a chance to show their new products. The local SPCA and some animal rescues were under tents answering questions from visitors. While walking, all visitors could see the CN Tower and other very tall buildings.

One of the local TV stations, Citytv, was there. They hosted a live event at the show which was broadcast on TV. People came up on the stage and asked questions regarding their dogs and the host and co-host answered them.

A man, who called himself the “Chalk Master”, drew two pictures on pavement with chalk. He did it for free but donations were welcome. One was a picture of a girl’s head beside a dog’s head, and another with a wolf.

“Hello Humans. I’ve been invited here to provide your eyeball(s), with some pretty colours. I don’t get paid as I work this weekend strictly for tips… so, if you like what you see please make a DONATION. If you don’t like it simply reach into the pocket of the person next to you and give me their money. CHALK MASTER.”

A contest called “Canada’s top dog” had its own tent with a professional photographer taking pictures of dogs behind a white screen; the winning photo is to be published on the cover of “Puppy and dog basics” magazine.

Large “Gourmet” dog bones were also served from a cart and table.

Next year’s festival is expected to be bigger and better with even more attractions.

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Hpe0 J74 Preparation Material}

HPE0-J74 Preparation Material


Adila MasihQuestion: 1

Which software is used to assign or zone D6000 drive bays directly to an HPE BladeSystem server bay?

A. Virtual SAS Manager (VSM)

B. Selective Storage Presentation (SSP)C. Onboard Administrator (OA)D. Array configuration utility (ACU)

Answer: A



Question: 2

Which key feature of the HPE StoreVirtual arrays lets customers asynchronously replicate thin-provisioned, reservation-less snapshots between primary and remote locations?

A. space reclamation

B. Peer Motion on LeftHand storageC. LeftHand Networks Remote CopyD. adaptive optimization

Answer: C



Question: 3

You are using HPE Library and Tape Tools to document serial number and firmware versions of your customers tape infrastructure. What do you use to perform this?

A. diagnostics option

B. device into optionC. support ticket optionD. failure analysis option

Answer: B



Question: 4

For single files, what is a benefit of using a disk-to-disk backup solution versus a backup-to-tape solution?

A. lower cost

B. transportabilityC. increased capacityD. Taster restore

Answer: D

Question: 5

A customer wants to learn more about the HPE backup solution that you recently proposed. Which resource will help show its value?

A. HPE ActiveAnswers

B. HPE Smart PortalC. HPE SPOCKD. HPE Virtual Resource Portal

Answer: D

Question: 6

A customer requests 3 new storage solution The RTO Is measured in days. Which cost effective recovery option meet this requirements?

A. clustered HPE Storage array with backup to disks

B. highly available HPE Storage array with no backupC. standalone HPE Storage array with HPE tape backupD. redundant HPE Storage with replicated data offsite

Answer: C

Question: 7


Match the toots and resources with the features they provide.Answer:

VisioCafe = 4

HPE SAN Design Reference Guide = 1HPE Storage Sizing Tool = 3HPE Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge = 2

Question: 8

Which back up strategy requires only one backup set to completely restore a system?

A. differential backup

B. full backupC. incremental backupD. working set backup

Answer: B

Question: 9

You need to document the deduplication ratio and capacity management of a federated deduplication environment using HPE StoreOnce solutions in a company’s headquarters and branch offices. Which HPE management tool should you use?

A. HPE Data Protector Reporter

B. HPE StoreOnce Enterprise ManagerC. HPE StoreOnce OptimizerD. HPE Storage Optimizer

Answer: B



Question: 10

A customer has a Windows 2012 SQL Cluster running on HIT StoreEasy 1450 storage and wants to ensure that combined throughput of all network adapters is used on all cluster nodes together.

Which HPE StoreEasy system feature helps the customer meet this requirement?

A. Smart Pathing

B. Windows Native MPIOC. NLB TeamingD. SMB Multichannel

Answer: D

Even if many people do not plan their career, the ones who put a lot of emphasis on continuous improvements will be the successful professionals. This improvement also implies getting a certain certification in IT. For the success of this endeavor, it is essential to have enough dedication and revision power. However, these things are useless unless the study materials used for preparation are totally updated and efficient. The syllabus seems to be changing often and this has to be prevented. Moreover, a good preparation material will also offer a section with possible questions that will come up during the real exam. Most of these study guides seem to be rather costly. But this is not the case with DirectCertify.

No matter what your status or your career, DirectCertify is dedicated to offer you the necessary tools that can be used to prepare for any IT exam that you might want to pass. The exam guides are totally reliable and we will offer the most advanced planned preparation kits. These are essential because they are conceived by industry experts and are easy to follow and understand. If you are already an IT professional or just a graduate student, you may want to take advantage of these exam guides and give your career the necessary boost.

Test Information:

Total Questions: 105Test Number: HPE0-J74Vendor Name: HPCert Name : HP ATPTest Name: Foundations of HPE Storage SolutionsOfficial Site: More Details: Immediate Discount on Full Training MaterialDiscount Coupon Code: 411611IUH5

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US Nazi leader talks about Barack Obama, the economy and more
US Nazi leader talks about Barack Obama, the economy and more

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The National Socialist Movement is, according to its website, the largest and most active Nazi party in the United States. Accordingly, it refers to itself as ‘America’s Nazi Party’ and aims to instigate major change in the US.

Wikinews was able to conduct an interview with the head of the party, Commander Jeff Schoep. Fresh back from a march in Missouri, Commander Schoep told Wikinews his views on Barack Obama, the economy and much more.

Read the full exclusive interview below:

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American baseball star Rodriguez admits to using performance enhancing drugs
American baseball star Rodriguez admits to using performance enhancing drugs

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Major League Baseball third baseman Alex Rodriguez, a star player for the New York Yankees, admitted in an interview on sports network ESPN that he used performance-enhancing drugs during 2001 through 2003.

“I did take a banned substance, and for that, I’m very sorry,” Rodriguez told ESPN’s Peter Gammons. “When I arrived at Texas in 2001 I felt an enormous amount of pressure to perform.”

I did take a banned substance, and for that, I’m very sorry.

Last week, Sports Illustrated reported that the baseball player, nicknamed ‘A-Rod’, tested positive in 2003 for Primobolan and testosterone, two substances that have been banned by the league.

During the 2003 season, Rodriguez was playing with the Texas Rangers, and was the winner of the American League MVP Award and was American League leader in home runs. According to sources, Rodriguez was one of 104 players named on a list for testing positive before the 2003 season. The list was compiled in an attempt to determine whether the MLB needed to begin conducting random drug testing.

After the initial report Rodriguez was approached by Sports Illustrated while he was training for the upcoming season in a Miami area gym. At that time, Rodriguez told the reporter “You’ll have to talk to the union.” He was also asked for an explanation of his positive test result, to which he commented “I’m not saying anything.” According to a report by ESPN, sources claim that Rodriguez was aware that he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

However, in December 2007 after United States Senator George J. Mitchell‘s Mitchell Report was released accusing such teammates of Rodriguez as Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte of steroid use, Rodriguez appeared on ABC’s 60 Minutes and declined the use of any steroid or performance-enhancing drug. He also commented that he would not need the help of steroids, stating, “I’ve never felt overmatched on the baseball field. I felt that if I did my, my work as I’ve done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn’t have a problem competing at any level.”

Senator Mitchell stated in a prepared comment yesterday that his report had only named that players that “had received credible evidence of their illegal purchase, possession, or use of performance enhancing substances.” He pointed out that he “did not have access to the results of the 2003 drug testing, and to this day I do not know which players tested positive then.”

The MLB declined to comment directly on the situation due to court orders on the list of names and documents, but did release a statement: “Information and documents relating to the results of the 2003 MLB testing program are both confidential and under seal by court orders. We are prohibited from confirming or denying any allegation about the test results of any particular player by the court orders. Anyone with knowledge of such documents who discloses their contents may be in violation of those court orders.”

I did not have access to the results of the 2003 drug testing, and to this day I do not know which players tested positive then.

Rodriguez has been one of the many prominent American baseball players over the past few years who has been linked to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Other prominent names include both the arguably greatest hitter and pitcher in Major League Baseball history, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Bonds, the all-time Major League record holder for home runs, was linked to steroid use during the BALCO scandal in 2003, while Clemens was named in the Mitchell report in December of 2007.

The executive vice president for labor relations of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, stated that league commissioner Bud Selig was “disturbed” by the linking of steroid use to Rodriguez. Commenting for the league, he said, “Because the survey testing that took place in 2003 was intended to be non-disciplinary and anonymous, we cannot make any comment on the accuracy of this report as it pertains to the player named.”

The report by Sports Illustrated also made the claim that Gene Orza, the COO of the Major League Baseball Players Association informed Rodriguez of a random drug test that occurred in September of 2004, a test that was supposed to remain confidential to all players. The MLBPA denied the accusations, commenting “There was no improper tipping of players in 2004 about the timing of drug tests. In September 2004 MLBPA attorneys met with certain players, but we are not able to confirm or deny the names of any players with whom we met.” When asked in the Sports Illustrated report, Orza declined to comment, stating “I’m not interested in discussing this information with you.”

There was no improper tipping of players in 2004 about the timing of drug tests.

The anonymous testing of players was started in 2003 by the MLB, in order to get a brief estimate of how many players were using performance-enhancing drugs, leading to the beginning of the mandatory, penalty-enforced testing that began in 2004. 1,198 players took the “survey test” in 2003, and the results were later stored in a laboratory in Las Vegas, with codes being used in place of the players names. However, a list of the players actual names that went with the list of codes was kept in a separate office in Long Beach, never intended to ever be together with the codes.

In April 2004, federal agents with search warrants raided the two labs looking for information on the 2003 BALCO scandal test results of 10 players, including Barry Bonds. While searching, they found both the list of names and the codes, including the positive test result of Rodriguez. Following the investigation and raid, the MLBPA informed all 104 players on the list that their positive test data had been sized by the federal agents.

I said in my book Vindicated that he was a known steroid user before 2000. It’s old news. I’ve been saying this forever. You guys are playing catch-up.

Former Major League Baseball star and self-confessed steroid user José Canseco told the media that the news was old, saying “I said in my book Vindicated that he was a known steroid user before 2000. It’s old news. I’ve been saying this forever. You guys are playing catch-up.” In the book, Canseco links Rodriguez to steroids through the claim that he saw him using the drugs. In his first book, Juiced, references to Rodriguez were removed by the publisher of the book because it could not be confirmed that Canseco actually saw Rodriguez taking steroids. According to the publisher, it was only after Canseco passed a lie detector test that information about Rodriguez was allowed into Vindicated.

What do you think the positive test says about steroid use in baseball today? Does the test result affect the way you view Rodriguez’s accomplishments as a player?
Add or view comments

Current senior advisor to the Texas Rangers John Hart commented on the situation in an interview with MLB Network. “I think in the climate that we have today, you don’t have much shock anymore. Obviously Alex probably is the best player in baseball. This has always been a special talent and the guy has been putting up Hall of Fame numbers since the day he showed up in the big leagues. I’ve been in the game for almost 40 years and it hurts a little bit, if in fact this is true. It breaks my heart for the game that we have this kind of thing occurring, But at the same time, a lot of people seem to have been caught in this net,” he said.

Since the positive test occurred in 2003 before penalties were instituted, Rodriguez will most likely not be suspended by the MLB as a result of the situation.

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Research Motor Optimization Myths Explained

Submitted by: Josephine Devine

As numerous businesses enter 2010 and struggle to dig themselves out of the economic chaos of the last two decades (the very last 10 a long time if you have a web design and style business), we have seen a important uptick in questionable claims and outright ripoffs. Customer-concentrated ripoffs targeting people searching for mortgage restructuring guidance and fake charities are probably the most insidious, but there are plenty of predators seeking for enterprise prey, as well.In our sector, one particular of the most sought-following and least recognized solutions, search motor marketing, is a supply of much spin and deceit. To assist small businesses searching for a tiny assist in knowing the wild, exciting, and frequently bogus claims built by some unethical levels of competition in the marketplace, we have assembled a checklist of lookup engine optimization myths we have heard, along with what we believe when we listen to these statements.Research Motor Advertising TerminologyFirst, we require to define a couple of terms:Lookup Motor Optimization (Search engine optimization) – This is the procedure of “tuning” the content of a internet site for relevance and establishing a site’s backlinks to enhance its importance to increase “organic and natural” (not compensated) search motor rankingsPay out-Per-Click on (PPC) – Paid ads like Google AdWords, enabling auction-type bidding for listings that are normally displayed at the top and on the proper side of research outcomes pagesLookup Engine Advertising (SEM) – The method of reaching prospective clients and clients via all visibility efforts that effect Research Motor rankingsPageRank – Google’s proprietary metric (and linked algorithms) for measuring the importance of a net web pageBacklink – A website link from an additional web page to a page on your web siteOutrageous Search engine optimisation StatementsNow, on to the wild andcrazy earth of Search engine marketing spin…What They Say: We can ensure you quantity a single rankings on Google What they Imply #1: We never genuinely know how Google functions, and we wish you never possiblyAny lookup motor optimization corporation that provides a assure should be avoided, period of time. There is no crying in baseball, and there are no guarantees in search engine optimization.What they Indicate #2: We can make you #1 on key phrase phrases that no one ever searches forIt can be probably rather straightforward to get a #1 ranking on “Norwegian yak’s milk suspenders” – Nobody ever searched for it (and nobody ever before will unless of course they go through this write-up)What They Say: We can preserve your present Spend-Per-Click rankings even though reducing your present Spend-Per-Click price range What They Suggest: We never know how to do standard math, but we will a get some of your funds for a number of months until finally you figure that out.1 of the beautiful items about Shell out-Per-Click on is that it is basic and rapid. The poor news is that there are not really any cost-saving measures when comparing the identical keyword phrases apples to apples. If the best bid on a key phrase phrase is $three.50, and you’re willing to pay out a lot more than $three.fifty, you can buy the very first spot listing (at least right up until a person else outbids you). Underneath no situations can you get better rankings in compensated listings by paying significantly less.What They Say: You never have to shell out for backlinks – There are lots of no cost hyperlinks out there What They Mean: I will checklist your web site on the Opera Lover’s Forum. It won’t help your rankings a lot, but it really is totally free!The truth is that there are a handful of areas that you can get totally free backlinks that are really very good (DMOZ, for instance, if there is in fact an individual moderating the category you want to checklist in), but the actuality is that many directory sites with a substantial PageRank require you to shell out, typically on a recurring foundation, for listing. This can be worthwhile, but desires to be factored in to your overall SEM price range.What They Say: We can get your web site top rankings with our $29.95 regular monthly services What They Indicate: We hope $29.95 is a modest enough payment that you will not thoughts paying it even if your rankings will not improve.$29.95 may be a modest value to pay for the peace of head that you are doing “one thing” with your Lookup Engine Marketing and advertising, but we prefer to assess the appeal of what you spend and what you get in return. If you pay any amount of funds and get absolutely nothing in return, it really is a poor appeal. There *are* some companies that can be a aspect of an powerful search engine advertisingcampaign, but surely not the complete enchilada (most likely just the guacamole). Our regular monthly charges go to shell out an real human getting to think about how to enhance your rankings and make it happen – The cost is related to the range of hrs that man or woman spends on your website. Basic, huh?What They Say: We can boost your lookup motor rankings – No modifications to your web site essential! What They Suggest: We do not know how search engines operate, but we know the notion of some thing for nothing is hard for some people to pass up – In fact, we’re counting on itIn some uncommon situations, we have located a customer whose site is well-optimized (good material, page titles, meta tags, intra-web site linking, etc.) Really, strike that – We have never ever identified a customer with a effectively-optimized internet site prior to engaging an Search engine optimization company. The major explanation for this is that you will not know how tooptimize until finally you know which phrases to optimize for. You will not know which phrases to optimize for until finally you do study. You never do keyphrase research until finally you hire an search motor optimization corporation. So, if you are chatting to a lookup engine marketing firm about strengthening your rankings your site is practically undoubtedly not optimized yet.What They Say: We get our Google AdWords less expensive simply because we purchase in bulk What They Indicate: We are rather certain you don’t know how AdWords functions, but we can set your AdWords finances reduce so you will see your listings look in the very same area at the starting of the month and consider we told you the realityThis is a quite new scam that we just heard about not too long ago. There is, of course, this sort of a factor as an AdWords voucher, typically provided by Google to folks who create new accounts with particular vendors Google has a partnership with. These vouchers are only legitimate for new accounts, so if you previously have a marketing campaign set up, they will be of tiny use to you. As for

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Judges rule patrons may sue nude bars for lap-dance overcharges
Judges rule patrons may sue nude bars for lap-dance overcharges

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A three-judge Texas Court of Appeals ruling will allow men who were overcharged at nudie clubs to sue for refunds and damages.

The two plaintiffs, Paul Brian Meekey and Michael Fulmer, had their cases heard because they were charged more than a regular lap dance fee when they used a credit card, typically $25 for a $20 dance.

“Texas law is pretty clear that you cannot charge someone extra for using a credit card,” said Sandra Krider, an attorney for the patrons. “The fact that they are strip clubs shouldn’t mean they get away with it.”

A lawyer for the businesses, Rick’s Cabaret and the Men’s Club, argued a case based on the type of employment the ladies agreed to perform.

“Since the dancers are independent contractors and not employees of the club, the clubs are not the ones selling the dances,” said attorney Albert Van Huff.

But the men’s attorneys said the win could potentially become a class-action suit with many hundreds of men claiming their day in court. That could present a problem for other patrons who may not want their name and their use of a credit card at a nudie bar released in court transcripts.

“They are going to want the (strip) clubs’ credit card companies to give them the names of all the different people who have charged dances there,” said Van Huff.

The 14th Court of Appeals, a Texas court with headquarters in Houston, had reversed a ruling of a lower trial judge that this case should be heard before the state Finance Commission instead of in a judicial proceeding. The case was sent back to be tried again.

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Rock music church in Pennsylvania allowed concerts under court settlement
Rock music church in Pennsylvania allowed concerts under court settlement

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Pennsylvania church that claims to worship through rock music may hold a limited number of concerts under a recent federal court settlement.

In the face of complaints from neighbors about noise and traffic problems, the Fayette County zoning department found in 2005 that the Church of Universal Love and Music was operating a music business instead of a church and must shut down.

William Pritts, founder of the Bullskin Township church, sued in 2006 under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, claiming the ruling infringed on his right to religious freedom.

A 12-page court settlement filed in a Pittsburgh federal court allows Pritts to hold six concerts on Friday-through-Sunday weekends, and six additional events on six other Saturdays. However, the music must end by 11:00 p.m. local time on Fridays and Saturdays and 9:00 p.m. on Sundays.

“The church is very much looking forward to a long future of providing services to the community,” Gregory Koerner, Pritts’ attorney, told The Herald-Standard.

Koerner said events are already planned for May and June 2009.

Under the settlement the church must keep sound from the concerts below the ambient sound level at the property line. The agreement also prohibits the illegal use of drugs and alcohol, and nudity is also not allowed. Pritts will have to also hire an independent security staff to oversee the safety at the concerts and he will not be allowed to have any more than 600 automobiles parked on or near the property during the events.

The Church of Universal Love and Music gained national attend when a segment about its dispute with the county was featured on Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show in 2003. During the segment, Pritts said, “God never said you can’t party on.”

The dispute started in 2001, when Pritts filed for a zoning exception to hold concerts at the Bullskin Township site. At the time, he was building an amphitheater stage, not a church, and neighbors and county officials grew concerned when Pritts said the concerts could attract up to 4,000 people, many of whom camp out overnight at the site. Concert attendance totals will have to be limited per the settlement, to no more than 1,500 people per event.

Fayette County officials said he only formed the church so he could charge admission under the guise of a “donation” after the county rejected his plans. Koerner insisted Pritts’ religious convictions are sincere. The county has been ordered to pay Pritts legal fees which total US$75,000.

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How To Use Linked In For Your Job Search

Submitted by: Candace Davies

Networking remains the number one way to find a job. That is why social networking on the internet has become such a popular tool for job searching. Social Networking allows you to meet and communicate with many different professionals and contacts within the teaching profession. And great tools such as LinkedIn allow you to expand your networking in new ways. LinkedIn allows you to network with other professionals, and also gives you the opportunity to market yourself through your online profile allowing recruiters to find you.

By using LinkedIn you have two ways of finding jobs. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn itself, or you can search on LinkedIn s partner, Simply Hired, to find jobs as well. You can also use the advanced search option to tailor your search down to specific job titles, dates, schools, locations, and job functions. So let s say you type in teacher to the advanced search under your specific location. Some opportunities may pop-up in LinkedIn, but you will also find postings under Simply Hired. After you ve found openings that interest you, you also have the ability to research different recruiters on LinkedIn to better prepare you for the application process and allow you to learn more about the position and school before the interview.

YouTube Preview Image

The number one benefit of joining LinkedIn lies in its networking capabilities. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with other members and build your network. By making connections with people, you may find that you have shared LinkedIn connections with some of the job posters. That means you will have an inside edge to help connect you with the job. Since LinkedIn is a bit like Six-degrees of Separation, you will be able to map out, through your connections, how to connect with people who may be helpful in landing you a great interview. The more connections you have will translate into more job opportunities, but keep in mind that you don t have to go overboard. Connect with people you know and trust or have business relationships with; there is no need to connect with everyone.

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn, remember to have your profile completed and up-to-date. Make it as detailed as possible, listing all your important information about your past and present employment, education, industry, and web sites. Remember to include all the keywords and skills from your resume in your profile, so it can be found by employers. You can also add a photo to your profile. I would recommend uploading a headshot so it looks the most professional.

The option to include recommendations from your real-world network will help to build your credibility and will also carry a lot of weight in your profile. You can also utilize the answers section of LinkedIn to as a great way to increase your visibility. Use it to respond to questions, and ask a question if you need information or assistance.

It s time to let your connections go virtual. Utilize the great benefits of job searching on LinkedIn. It s amazing what kind of great teaching jobs a friend-of-a-friend may have inside information about. Embrace technology and let it assist you in finding a great new job.

About the Author: Author and Career Management Specialist, Candace Davies, owner of

is dedicated to advancing job seekers careers by providing strategic, achievement-orientated resumes and cover letters and proactive interview coaching. First impressions last!


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