Small aircraft crashes into building in New York City
Small aircraft crashes into building in New York City

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A small aircraft struck an apartment building in New York this afternoon, killing the pilot and a flight instructor. Cory Lidle, a pitcher for the New York Yankees baseball team, was the registered owner of the aircraft and is believed to have been piloting it; his passport was found on the scene. The flight instructor was Tyler Stanger.

The plane, a Cirrus SR20 with registration number N929CD, hit the 26th floor of the Belaire Condominium, a 50 story brick luxury residential building on the Upper East Side at 524 East 72nd Street at York Avenue near the East River in Manhattan, New York City, of which the first 20 floors are a hospital. An eyewitness, present half a block from the building, reported that the plane hit the building, creating an enormous fireball, broke in two and crashed down onto on the street below. Authorities received a 911 call reporting a crash at 2:42 p.m. Eastern time.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a press conference at approximately 5:20 p.m. Eastern time to report that the plane was occupied by a flight instructor and a student pilot, but as next-of-kin had not been able to be notified, the identities of the two people on the plane would not be released at this time.

Apartments were seen to be engulfed in flames. The FBI has stated that it was not an intentional attack. The New York area was grey and overcast during the time at crash; however, visibility was not hampered.

After an hour and a half, the fire was extinguished by the FDNY. According to CNN Television ten people have been injured, six of them firefighters. The New York Times, however, reports that eleven firefighters have been injured.

Initial reports suggested that a helicopter was involved, but the FAA has stated that it was a fixed-wing aircraft. CNN Television reported that it was a single-engine fixed-wing plane which left Teterboro Airport, a busy General Aviation airport in New Jersey, circled the Statue of Liberty was tracked on radar until it was lost near the 59th Street Bridge, that the plane may have been having fuel problems or fuel pump problems, and that it was “a pilot in distress.”

Wallace Sines, a source for CNN stated he believes the plane was a Cirrus SR-20 with an installed parachute, which did not deploy. The whole-plane parachute system may have saved the lives of the aircraft occupants had it been safely deployed clear of buildings, but the system is not designed to prevent the trauma associated with a plane impacting a builing. The Cirrus SR-20 was introduced in 2001 and the Cirrus line of 4-seater aircraft has since become one of the most purchased single engine aircraft in the world. The SR-20 does not normally carry an airline-style flight-data recorder, but some are equipped with GPS equipment which logs flight direction, speed and altitude.

The aircraft was owned by baseball player Cory Lidle. He was on board reported by AP. Lidle was killed, according to reports. CNN Television reported that the FBI stated he was at the controls as the only occupant of the plane, and that his passport was found on the ground below the accident.


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A little over an hour and a half after the crash, the fire was extinguished after 39 fire units and over 100 fire fighters responded.

The White House has said that there has been no change in the terror threat alert level and that President Bush is being updated constantly.

La Guardia airport was temporarily restricted to no take offs from other airports, however by 4:10 Eastern Time, CNN Television reported that all New York-area airports were open.

CNN Television announced at 3:50 p.m. Eastern Time that as of a few minutes earlier, NORAD is putting fighter aircraft on patrol over certain major American cities as a precautionary measure similar to the actions taken after the 9/11 attacks as a “just in case” measure. It also reported that tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen.

Moments after the crash, there was a drop in the New York Stock Exchange, however it quickly returned to normal after it was reported that the crash was an accident.

The New York Yankees organization confirmed the plane is registered to Cory Lidle of the New York Yankees, who was planning to fly from New York to Florida, and that some unnamed member of the Yankees organization was on the plane.

One eye-witness interviewed by the BBC stated: “I was wondering why the plane was doing acrobatics and then the next thing I knew was that it had crashed into the building.”She also added that the plane was a small, white, 4-seater winged aircraft and not a helicopter as many news agencies were reporting it to be.

CNN Television broadcast reports from eyewitnesses who reported:

  • A pilot who saw the impact stated, “It looked like a pilot who was desperately trying to get to an airport.”
  • Another eyewitness who saw the event from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, also referred to the incident as appearing as if the plane was “desperately trying to get to LaGuardia” and that as to whether he “clipped” the building, or struck it directly, that “he hit it dead on.”
  • “I heard a buzzing noise and then an explosion which looked like a mushroom cloud.”
Advantages Of Printed Promotions

byChantel Ledbetter

Although many companies have switched to digital marketing and promotion, printed promotions still command a reasonable share in advertising and promotional industry. Compared to digital marketing and promotion, printed marketing materials such as logos, banners, posters or even business cards have their share of advantages over their digital counterparts. That is why it is advisable to pair both methods of marketing and promotion instead of dropping one in favor of the other. As a business owner, you may need to explore every avenue that may expose your company and increase your visibility. Against this backdrop, printed promotions still provide excellent means to expose your brand and your company.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need to consider printed promotions for your brand:

* Printed promotional materials are tangible: Unlike their digital counterparts that are ever in soft copy, printed promotional and marketing materials are available in their physical form. This makes it easier for your clients to identify with them because they can feel, touch, or hold them. The tangibility feature in printed logos, brochures or banners, make them more appealing and easily transferable to your clients. You may also use the printed promotional items as incentives such as calendars, umbrellas, or T-shirts, which you can give to your loyal clients.

* Printed promotional materials give you a lifetime exposure. Once you print your logo or your brand, the effect remains there for life. That is why the use of posters and other printed materials is preferred to other forms of promotion, which may only last for a short period. Such short-lived exposure is often witnessed in other forms of marketing such as radio and television, which have limited airtime. With printed promotional items, you may use the products for a certain period and even after the promotion period has ended. The printed materials can also be customized to target certain segment of clients, which may not work effectively with other forms of marketing and promotion.

* Printed promotional materials make your brand more legitimate. In digital world, a lot of doubt exists about legitimacy of many companies or brands. However, when you use printed items such as flyers, posters, or banners, which your clients can hold and identify with, they confirm legitimacy of your company and brand and even step up their loyalty.

* There is less competition with printed promotional materials. Since many businesses have reverted to digital marketing and promotion, there is less competition for printed promotional materials. Therefore, you have enough opportunity to explore the field of printed promotions with all its variety. You may choose to do billboards, posters, banners or yard signs to promote your brand and company without much stress.

Although popularity of digital marketing and promotion seems to be on the rise, printed marketing and promotional materials still have their share in the market as well.

Carroll Printing is a Texas-based company that offers printing and promotional services to companies and industries in Texas and its environs. As a leader in the industry, the company has what it takes to ensure that all your printing and promotional services are done to perfection. You may find more about their services at

Search-and-rescue dog that found 9/11 survivor to be cloned
Search-and-rescue dog that found 9/11 survivor to be cloned

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A German shepherd who recovered the last survivor of the September 11, 2001 attacks is to be cloned. His owner, James Symington, a former police officer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada entered an essay writing contest about why his dog should be cloned.

Trakr, the 15 year old German shepherd suffering from degenerative neurological disorder, was the subject of a contest-winning essay about why Trakr should be cloned that was written by Symington. Trakr and Symington received Humanitarian Service Awards from Jane Goodall for their heroics at Ground Zero. Symington is now an actor of film and television, sometimes credited as Peter James.

BioArts International sponsored the essay-writing contest. Five more dogs are to be cloned by its Best Friends Again program. While Trakr will receive free replication, the other dogs will have to participate in an auction with a starting bid of US$100,000.

BioArts is going to send the DNA of the 6 dogs to Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, South Korea. A Sooam researcher said that the dog should be born in November.

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Blunkett: Brown supported Iraq war to save job
Blunkett: Brown supported Iraq war to save job

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Blunkett diaries, being serialised in the Guardian, claim that Gordon Brown opposed the war against Iraq. Only at the last minute did he give in, according to the diaries, when he realised that Blair would sack him otherwise.

Gordon Brown, interviewed by the Guardian, said he did not think Blunkett had ever said such a thing and that, if he was reported as having done so, he was being misquoted.

The diary entries are contemporary with the events and were recorded shortly after the Cabinet meeting on Iraq.

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Understanding The Roofing Profession


Roofers are construction workers specializing in roof construction. They are also known as roof mechanics. They repair and install building roofs using a diversity of materials that are waterproof and weatherproof. For roofers to be able to work effectively and efficiently, they must possess remarkable motor skills and general carpentry skills.

Roofers Types

Roofers are classified into 4 main types: Shingles who pripitches and above; “Flat” or single-ply roofers who focuses on roofs such as foam and single-ply roofs; Metal roofers who focuses on metal panels; “Hot” roofers who use tar-based products in their work.

Roles Played By Roofers

YouTube Preview Image

Roofers deal in a wide range of roofing activities ranging from roof repair, leaks, sliding, skylights, missing shingles, and many other roofing services. They inspect roofs for faults so as to repair them, replace rotting or damaged plywood or joist, measure the roof to determine the amount of materials needed, install layers of insulation or vapor barriers or other materials for making the roof watertight.

Work Environment

Roofing work can be very demanding. Work can take place in a hot environment and it involves climbing, bending, kneeling and heavy lifting. Roofers work in the open air and this would mean that they are exposed to all kinds of weather during the course of their work. They rarely perform their duties in the rain or in a cold weather.

Illnesses and Injuries

Roofers have higher rates of injuries and illnesses. They may slip and fall in the course of their duty. They may burn from hot substances. During the summer, heat radiated by the roofs can cause heat-related illnesses. To prevent these accidents and illnesses, several safety measures can be put into practice.

Work Schedule

Most roofers work on a full time basis just like most construction workers. In some areas, roofing is limited during the winter months, and so roofers prefer to work overtime during the summers to complete jobs quickly and especially before rainfall.

Roofing Materials

Some of the sophisticated materials used by roofers include asphalt shingles (which is America’s most common roofing material) clay tiles, concrete tiles, natural or synthetic slate, rubber shingles (from recycled tires), single ply, metal panels or shingles, glass, wood shakes or shingles, hot asphalt, rubber, liquid-applied, thatch, foam and solar tiles. Rooftop landscapes have increasingly been used in both commercial and residential applications over the years.

It’s necessary to be attentive when selecting appropriate roofers. Qualification and experience are necessary aspects to check very keenly when doing the selection. The specialization aspect should also be kept in mind as roofers perform best in their line of specialization, just like any other profession.

Performance Exteriors Contracting provides premier roofing services for your home or business by qualified roofers. Visit them online to schedule service at You can also follow them on Google+.

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Annan invites Iraqis to exercise democratic rights
Annan invites Iraqis to exercise democratic rights

Saturday, January 29, 2005With just days to go before Sunday’s historic poll to choose a new government in Iraq, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has invited the people of Iraq to exercise their democratic rights.

The poll, the first free elections in a generation, faces disruption from insurgents who are totally opposed to democracy. Annan warned them not to interfere and promised continuing help from the UN for the country in the future.

Annan made his appeal in a pre-recorded message, broadcast on TV inside Iraq. “Elections are the best way to determine any country’s future; please exercise your democratic rights on Sunday,” he said. “Whatever your feelings about how the country reached this point, this election offers an opportunity to move away from violence and uncertainty toward peace and representative government.”

The UN has been providing advice and technical help to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), as well as $100m funding for the poll and co-ordination of international assistance. A team of 40 experts has overseen the delivery of three million tonnes of election materials and helped the IECI and Iraqi officials prepare and maintain the voters register.

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Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich
Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich

Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28, 200717:00 (UTC+1)
Borussia Dortmund 0–0 Bayern Munich Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund Attendance: 80,708 Referee: Markus Merk
Tinga 45’Valdez 61’Valdez 79’Federico 79’Blaszczykowski 83’Klimowicz 83’Klimowicz 90’+1′ Match Report 66′ Sosa 66′ Altintop 70′ Toni 70′ Podolski 88′ van Bommel 88′ Ottl 90’+1′ Schweinsteiger

Bayern Munich remained undefeated in all competitions after a 0-0 draw against Borussia Dortmund. The draw leaves Bayern at the top of the table with 27 points. However, the lead is down to four points after Hamburg’s 1-0 win against Duisburg.

Franck Ribery didn’t pass a late fitness test and didn’t make the 18-man strong matchday squad. Luca Toni, Martin Demichelis an Jose Ernesto Sosa replaced Lukas Podolski, Philipp Lahm and Hamit Altintop. Jose Ernesto Sosa returned after being sidelined for almost two months after ankle surgery.

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund exchanged plenty of chances and almost had a 50/50 possession between them.

Bayern Munich plays Borussia Mönchengladbach at home in the DFB Cup while Borussia Dortmund plays Eintracht Frankfurt in the same competition.

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Finding Out About Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico

Finding Out About Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico


Tyrion Lannister

When a person has become morbidly obese, his health is at risk. It will be important for that person to find a solution. If a solution is not found, it is likely that the individual will have illnesses and die earlier. This can be especially tragic when that individual has a family. He or she will not want to leave loved ones without a parent. The problem is that in many cases the person who is obese has tried for many years to overcome the problem. Perhaps the individual has become more prone to weight problems because of genetics. Perhaps the person suffers from depression and eats to try to make himself feel better. The reasons for wanting to overcome the weight problem do not matter. The most important thing is that the person finds help to get rid of the weight. If a person just has a few pounds to lose then it is likely that he will be able to get rid of the weight without help. If that person has been morbidly obese for many years, however, he will need the help of a professional in order to overcome the weight problem. One thing that might be considered is to have a weight loss surgery in Mexico.

YouTube Preview Image

Weight loss surgery in Mexico can make all of the difference in the life of one who is obese. The surgery there is nothing to be feared. The surgeons in Mexico are just as good as those in other locations. They know how to help a person with his weight loss needs. The most common type of weight loss surgery in Mexico is the bariatric surgery. This surgery actually reduces the size of the stomach. A band is placed on the stomach which reduces the size of the stomach. This causes the person to become full much more quickly. Because the size of the area of the available stomach has shrunk, so will the meals. This will lead to less caloric intake and will also lead to weight loss. For those who want to know more about this surgery it would be a good idea to contact a surgeon who is now performing weight loss surgery in Mexico. He will be able to listen to the concerns of the individual and will be able to answer questions about costs and other areas. Some people choose to go to Mexico and look into the matters in person while others may choose to call.

The most common reason that people choose to go to Mexico to perform the surgery is the price. The prices that are charged in Mexico are often a fraction of the prices charged for the surgeries that are performed in the United States. The cost is cheaper but the surgery will be identical. Many patients find that with the increased savings they are able to spend money for other things. This could be a good way to spend additional money on a gym membership or on health food supplements to keep a person healthy. Many of those who undergo the surgery actually make many life changes. They change their eating habits, their exercise habits, and perhaps even most importantly, their outlook on life. Many of the people who were previously depressed and and pessimistic have changed to become more optimistic and happy in their lives. Family members and friends will often find that the person is more enjoyable to be around. This can be a life changing experience for people in many ways. The change could all start by having a weight loss surgery in Mexico by one of these qualified surgeons.

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Curiosity Rover analysis suggests chemically complex lake once graced Mars’s Gale crater
Curiosity Rover analysis suggests chemically complex lake once graced Mars’s Gale crater

Sunday, June 4, 2017

In an analysis published on Friday in Science, scientists announced data collected from the Curiosity Rover show that Mars’s Gale Crater was once a chemically stratified lake, meaning the aquatic environment differed markedly between deep and shallow water. According to the report, “all of the physical, chemical, and energetic conditions necessary to establish a habitable environment were present on Mars between ~3.8 billion and 3.1 billion years ago.”

Analysis shows the chemical index of alteration fluctuated over time in a way that suggested the lake varied between hot, wet periods and colder, drier periods. The shallow water would have been rich in oxidants brought in from the atmosphere and groundwater, and the deeper water would have been oxidant poor. Phosphates, carbon, nitrogen, iron and sulfur, indicating chemistry suitable for life, have also been found there in a variety of compounds.

Lead author Joel Hurowitz of Stony Brook University explained, “These were very different, co-existing environments in the same lake[…] This type of oxidant stratification is a common feature of lakes on Earth, and now we’ve found it on Mars. The diversity of environments in this Martian lake would have provided multiple opportunities for different types of microbes to survive.”

The scientists also evaluated the fineness of the sediment, meaning the sizes of individual particles of dirt, dust and sand. Curiosity found larger grains near the edges of the lake where sediments from incoming rivers and streams would have fed it, and smaller ones in what would have been the deep lakebed, which is consistent with particles dropping out of the water as the current slows down. “We could tell something was going on,” Hurowitz said in a statement. “What was causing iron minerals to be one flavor in one part of the lake and another flavor in another part of the lake? We had an ‘Aha!’ moment when we realized that the mineral information and the bedding-thickness information mapped perfectly onto each other in a way you would expect from a stratified lake with a chemical boundary between shallow water and deeper water.”

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