Four arrested in three Naperville, Illinois prostitution stings
Four arrested in three Naperville, Illinois prostitution stings

Monday, March 15, 2010

An undercover investigation by Naperville, Illinois law enforcement has led to the arrest last Thursday of four people allegedly involved in prostitution. The stings came after police received tips that people were using websites like Craigslist and to sell sexual performances in Naperville hotels. 

Patricia H. Scoleri of Naperville was arrested after an unidentified neighbor observed consistently suspicious activity at Scoleri’s home. Traffic was unusually heavy and consisted mostly of luxury cars in an otherwise quiet, middle-class neighborhood. Also, the visitors were mainly middle-aged men, and an odd string of lavender-colored lights were hung on the front window.

Police say Scoleri worked alone. She was arrested at 2 p.m. local time (2000 UTC) and is charged with violation of anti-prostitution laws, anti-cannabis laws, and the Massage Licensing Act. She apparently has four children, but the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has neither contacted her nor received a police report on her.

The second sting occurred at 5:30 p.m the same day (2330 UTC) and resulted in the arrest of Chicago resident Tonya M. Adams. She is charged with prostitution and driving without a license. Another sting about an hour later resulted in the arrests of Jessica M. Walley, a Skokie resident, and Mark A. Williams, a self-admitted Schaumburg gang member. “Walley was charged with prostitution and unlawful possession of cannabis. Williams was charged with pimping, obstructing a peace officer, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance,” reports WBBM News Radio 780.

All four suspects are free, having paid the required ten percent of their $1,000 bail. They may face additional charges related to crack cocaine discovered during the police investigation. Arraignment is scheduled for next month at the DuPage County Circuit Courthouse in Wheaton.

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Australian Rollers roll over Great Britain men’s wheelchair basketball team
Australian Rollers roll over Great Britain men’s wheelchair basketball team

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales —

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In a closely fought game Thursday night between the Australian Rollers and the Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball team at the Sport Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park, Australia rolled away as 65–51 victors.

The Australians, many with facial hair, met the partially tattooed Great Britain side with a lot of aggression and sometimes borderline violence on the court. Wheelchairs rammed into each other with much greater frequency than in the previous match played between the Australian and German women. Both teams were very vocal on the court and on the bench, loudly telling their teammates what to do or occasionally arguing with the referees. Bench players on both teams demonstrated a lack of creativity in their sideline chanting, with the Rollers chanting “Defense. Rollers. Defense.” and the Great Britain side chanting “Defense. Defense.” The Great Britain side, initially very loud from the bench following a 37–33 half time lead, got quieter as the game progressed. With 6:22 left in the fourth quarter, the game appeared to have gotten away from the referees who answered by calling a technical against Great Britain after one of the Australian players ended up on his back on the court. The call followed a fan screaming from the stands that the game was not supposed to be a contact sport. Following the siren to end the game, both sides shook hands.

Australia plays their last game in pool play in the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge at 7:30pm Sydney time Friday against Japan while Great Britain meets Japan at 12:00pm Sydney time Friday. All three teams are London bound for the Paralympics next month.

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Vehicle Gauges In Arizona

byAlma Abell

If you are a car enthusiast, then you know taking your prized possession for a gauge repair might require a specialist over the common auto body shop. A body shop might be able to perform a simple gauge repair with basic automobile knowledge. However, they are not experts in this field.

To have a repair done on your Gauges in Arizonayou might need to hire a tachometer or gauge professional for the job. These professional can be found at specialty gauge shops which usually service a number of gauge issues, such as:

Odometer reset

Pixel repair for dark displays

Analog & digital repairs

Tachometer calibrations

Tachometer rebuilds

Clock repairs

And, these are just to name a few of the services the aforementioned professional can provide. There are a number of other services you might consult your gauge specialist on as well. The cruise control feature may eventually give out on your vehicle or the radio adapters might need to be replaced down the line. These are examples of additional types of services a Professional Gaugecan assist you with.

Gauge services are often popular for vintage vehicles or old fashion replicas. They are also an excellent source if you want to change the display of your modern sports car for a more futuristic appeal. If you are building a vehicle from the ground up, then you may want to consult with a gauge professional to assist you with all of your measuring or gauge instruments. Any and all custom work can be discussed together. A gauge specialist can often help with the design of your display instruments or bring your own design ideas to fruition.

When you decide to have gauge work done you should definitely talk about turnaround times in advance. The turnaround time can vary among shops. It should be a fairly quick service compared to paint jobs and vehicle body work. Although, it will depend on the scope of work and the number of vehicles ahead of you at the shop. If you have extensive instrument work or multiple vehicles ask for a discounted price. It never hurts to ask.

First winter snowfall in New Zealand
First winter snowfall in New Zealand

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Overnight Friday a Southerly storm brought snow to both the Southern Alps and the central North Island mountains of New Zealand for the first time this year, closing major roads and stranding travellers at the start of the Queens Birthday holiday weekend. Police and the AA urged motorists to drive with extra care and to the conditions this weekend.

In the North Island, State Highway 1 between Waiouru and Rangipo, the Desert Road was closed by deep snow at 3 PM on Friday afternoon. Other roads in the area, including other parts of State Highway 1 between Bulls and Turangi, State Highway 4, via National Park, and 49, via Ohakune, were closed at 8 PM.

These road closures stopped all traffic through the centre of the North Island. About 200 travellers were reported to have spent the night at the Waiouru Army Camp, being accommodated in the Marae and the Barracks. Grit trucks and snow ploughs worked overnight to clear the snow and reopen roads, with the Desert Road finally being reopened about 12:30 PM Saturday.

Together with a slip threatening to close State Highway 3 in the Manawatu Gorge and damage to State Highway 2 after floods in the Bay of Plenty a couple of weeks ago, the only reliable alternative route for travellers around the North Island was via Wanganui and Taranaki.

In the South Island, Police and the AA advised that chains were essential when travelling over the mountain passes.

Yesterday, Mount Hutt skifield announced it would be opening Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning, skiers were reported to be queuing at the gates of Mount Hutt skifield, eager to get the first opportunity to hit the slopes in 2005. Other South Island ski fields were also indicating June opening dates.

The weather outlook is for cold southerly winds and rain over the Queens Birthday holiday weekend, with snow down to 400m in the South Island.

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“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

North America’s largest outdoor dog festival came back to Toronto last weekend for its fifth year. It ran from the 9th of June to the 10th of June at Toronto’s historical St. Lawrence Market. A Wikinews reporter was there on Sunday to report on some of the events that happened on the last day.

The “Woofstock” dog festival attracted as many as 140,000 people with their dogs. The festival had tons of accessories, sold under tents, to buy for dogs; food, toys, designer clothes, and more. About 400 vendors and exhibitors were there to promote their products, which also gave private dog companies or groups a chance to show their new products. The local SPCA and some animal rescues were under tents answering questions from visitors. While walking, all visitors could see the CN Tower and other very tall buildings.

One of the local TV stations, Citytv, was there. They hosted a live event at the show which was broadcast on TV. People came up on the stage and asked questions regarding their dogs and the host and co-host answered them.

A man, who called himself the “Chalk Master”, drew two pictures on pavement with chalk. He did it for free but donations were welcome. One was a picture of a girl’s head beside a dog’s head, and another with a wolf.

“Hello Humans. I’ve been invited here to provide your eyeball(s), with some pretty colours. I don’t get paid as I work this weekend strictly for tips… so, if you like what you see please make a DONATION. If you don’t like it simply reach into the pocket of the person next to you and give me their money. CHALK MASTER.”

A contest called “Canada’s top dog” had its own tent with a professional photographer taking pictures of dogs behind a white screen; the winning photo is to be published on the cover of “Puppy and dog basics” magazine.

Large “Gourmet” dog bones were also served from a cart and table.

Next year’s festival is expected to be bigger and better with even more attractions.

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Severe sandstorm strikes Beijing, China
Severe sandstorm strikes Beijing, China

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A severe sandstorm has struck north-west China over the past few weeks, reaching Beijing on Saturday morning. The sandstorm, which covered homes, streets, and cars in dust, has left the sky a murky yellow. The air quality was rated as level five. Beijing’s Weather Bureau issued a warning for the sandstorm, and advised citizens to stay in their homes until it passes. As much as 1500 micrograms per cubic meter of dust were reported to be airborne.

Beijing has experienced unusually cold weather this year, with temperatures below freezing at night, even after the start of spring. The sandstorm is affecting more than 50 million people, and forecasters do not see signs of it stopping soon. The desertification of the western China and the Mongolian steppes has made the annual spring sandstorm become worse in the recent years, reaching countries such as South Korea and Japan. The sandstorm has turned the rain and snow yellow.

The storm also impacted Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Hebei for a total of 270 million people over an area of 1.8 million square kilometers. It is expected the storm will last until Monday.

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Prepare Your Child For The Future


It is never too soon or too late to prepare your child for the future. When it is time to send your child to school, you % of their students go off to college, and not only do well, but succeed in whatever job choice they desire. Their advanced teaching methods start from the time your child walks into their first day of class.

YouTube Preview Image

Enriching Your Children’s Life

There is a preparatory school in Houston that knows it can take a lot to be committed to the education of children. This is why they hire teachers that will help your child be ready for college when the time comes. This type of school will focus on extended learning and enrichment for students. A preparatory school loves to work with children and watch as they use hands on teaching to discover new technology as well as science. With accelerated learning, your child will stay enthusiastic about what they will learn next in school. Students use technology, science, mathematics and engineering, and students are challenged to reach their full potential and not be left behind because they became bored or un-interested. This type of school has students using real world experiences to help them prepare for higher education.

Focus For a High School Student

Sadly, most regular high schools do not have enough time to help a student choose a career path, or even tell them what classes to take to help them. A preparatory school helps the students get a more concrete vision of what type of career is interesting to them. The student would be evaluated and have an achievement plan put into place to attain career goals. Students can also take college level courses that will not cost them anything. Teachers and staff help the students have the skills they would need to acquire the job they wish to have. This is a “win situation” for everyone involved. It sets the students up for future success, and gives parents peace of mind in knowing that their children can achieve great things with proper guidance. The transition from high school to college will be a breeze when your child attends preparatory school.

Are you looking for a preparatory school in Houston? Fallbrook College Preparatory Academy has an excellent reputation for providing quality educational services. Contact them today for further information.

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Sean Penn endorses Kucinich for US President
Sean Penn endorses Kucinich for US President

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Academy Award winning actor and political activist Sean Penn has just thrown his support in the 2008 US Presidential election behind Dennis Kucinich.

In a San Francisco speech described by his PR people as “a blistering indictment of political leaders and an impassioned endorsement of Presidential proportions,” Penn threw his support behind the lesser known Democratic candidate.

The Kucinich campaign did not vet the speech.

Dennis Kucinich, who with the minimal time allotted him, once again rose up beyond the sound bite and put principle ahead of party; argued policy rather than politeness. He has been the dominant voice of integrity on issues of trade, labor, education, environment, health, civil liberties, and the one endlessly determined voice of peace.

But is he too short? Does his haircut not appeal? Is he not loyal enough to a cowardly democratic platform? Does he not appeal to the cult of personality?

And what if the answer is yes?

What if Dennis Kucinich, the most deserving and noble of candidates, the most experienced in issues of policy and the least willing to play into the politics of personal power? What if we can’t elect a man simply on the basis of the best ideas, the most courage, and the most selfless service? What does it say about our country when we can’t rally the voices of the common good to support a man, like our troops, who would die for us, who would die for our constitution?

Other recent celebrity endorsements in the race include Oprah Winfrey for Barack Obama, Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for John McCain, Harry Belafonte endorsed John Edwards, and both 50 Cent and Barbra Streisand behind Hillary Clinton. Chuck Norris has backed Mike Huckabee in a high profile, comedic endorsement ad.

Penn first became politically active in October 2002, when he spent $56,000 on a full-page ad in the Washington Post, asking President George W. Bush to end “a cycle of violence”. He visited Iraq briefly in December of that year, Iran in 2005 as a journalist, and met with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez for two hours in 2007.

Penn went to New Orleans to “aid rescue workers” after Hurricane Katrina; many questioned how much of a liability an untrained worker, especially when his boat sprang a leak, would be. One website commented “just showed up with his entourage and a personal photographer with the apparent intent of just wandering around looking for a good photo op.”

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Sony’s PlayStation Portable is launched in North America
Sony’s PlayStation Portable is launched in North America

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sony launched its eagerly anticipated PlayStation Portable (PSP) in the North American market today. The PlayStation costs $250 and plays MP3 files, movies and of course games.

Launched previously in Japan last year with much fanfare, the PSP quickly achieved sales of more than 800,000 units. The device is Sony’s first major attempt at challenging Nintendo’s long held grip on the market for handheld games.

Nintendo currently holds a 90 percent of the market share for handhelds in North America. With the recent introduction of Nintendo DS, the fight for control of this market is expected to become even more intense.

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Who Benefits Most From A Self Storage Franchise


Every day, people move from one home to another. Some of them are simply moving to a larger house in the same town, but others are engaging in more complicated and lengthier moves. They may need to move into a temporary dwelling while they scour the market for the right forever home, or they may embark on a journey across the country to their new living space. When people are in this more elaborate situations, they often wonder what they are going to do with all of their belongings.

The answer is to use the services of a Self Storage Franchise. Zippy Shell Greater Columbus is particularly useful for people who living in temporary dwellings while they look for a new house or while they wait for renovations to be completed on their purchased property. Usually, when people opt for a temporary dwelling, they live in a smaller space. For example, they may stay with relatives or friends for several months, or they may live in an extended stay hotel. Others choose to rent an apartment that offers a month-to-month lease. When they choose the services of a Self Storage Franchise, they do not need to cram all of their belongings into a tiny space.

While self-storage is useful for people who are purchasing a new home, it also comes in handy for many recent college graduates. These individuals have spent their last few years living in the dorms or renting a house with all of their closest friends. Now that graduation has arrived, they are planning to start their full-time positions, and they wish to stay in the area. However, they don’t know exactly where they are going to live or with whom they will rent a dwelling place. Therefore, they are sleeping on a friend’s couch for awhile, or they are using up every minute of their lease in their off-campus property. Until they figure out the specifics of their future situation, they can also use the services of a self-storage entity. Ultimately, this type of service is practical and useful for any person who needs a place to keep his or her belongings.

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