An Overview Of A Used Subaru Legacy In Mokena


Most people already know that a new vehicle is out of the question, which is why they focus on pre-owned cars. If you need a different car or just want one, you can’t go wrong with a Subaru. A used Legacy in Mokena is one of the longest running models available and is nearly 20 years old. This tells you that the maker has done something right because people still love them and they last.

All-Wheel Drive

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It is considered a mid-size sedan, and as such, was designed with AWD to protect it from sliding and slippage during wet/cold weather. In most cases, you only find AWD on larger or heavier cars/trucks because they need the weight to give the tires traction, but the design of the used Legacy in Mokena is different.


No matter which vehicle you love, you want it to perform at its peak. While you likely want it to go from zero to 60 in mere seconds, you don’t necessarily drive it like that. With this vehicle, you’ll note that it is a sporty sedan, though it will also ride smoothly and be comfortable with the standard 2.5L engine. Likewise, you’ll experience a quieter ride with perfectly weighted steering.

The turbocharged GT and GT Limited versions come with turbo engines, firm suspension, and some come with a manual transmission.


You’ll also note that the latest new designs took place in 2010 and up, and includes seven different trim levels. They’re roomier and have more luxury interiors, as well as an aggressive design outside. Many of them have standard safety features, though you can sometimes find pre-owned cars with the added features, as well.

A used Subaru Legacy in Mokena ensures that you get the style, performance, and safety features you crave. Visit now to learn more.