How To Quickly Understand And Fix Your Dogs’ Barking Problem

By Elise Rogers

Do you have a dog that enjoys barking constantly? There are a few ways to certainly get the noise to lessen, if not completely go away. You will first need to determine what is causing your dog to bark. Then, according to the cause, you will want embark on this training journey.

The first common kind of barking is barking spurred on by boredom. With owners away most of the day with full time jobs, your pet can only nap and play by himself for so long. So, what sounds like a good idea? Barking of course. How do you go about fixing this issue? You will want to make sure you provide your pet with enough toys to keep him occupied for some time. You can teach your dog how to play hide-and-seek with his toys, and when you leave for work in the morning, hide a few toys. This gives your doggie ample time to search for his toys throughout the day and in between naps. You can also buy puzzle toys for Fido that take up time, and dogs usually love these kinds of toys because there is a challenge and it stimulates their brain.

Another cause of barking is alarm barking. This is when your dog barks to alert you to something that is going on. Some examples of this would the mailman, someone at the door, or another dog walking by in the street. Your dog probably sees this as helpful, and they keep barking in efforts to make you aware of it. One of the best ways to help this is when your dog barks to alert you of someone he has seen or heard, let them know that you are aware of the situation, and thank them. What you will later want to do is to train them to stop barking on command, using cues such as saying quiet in a soft commanding tone. This will take time and effort, and you may want to take a training class for you and your dog or check out a few barking books from your local library.

A third kind of barking is attention barking. Your dog barks because he is hungry; he barks when he needs to go outside; he barks when he wants you to play with himthe list endless. If your dog is barking because he is hungry or needs to go outside, these are basic things that do need to be attended to. However, if you still want your dog to stop barking, you will need to teach Fido alternative ways of communicating. For example, if your dog is hungry and wants food, teach him to walk over to his food bowl and sit silently. Alternative means of communication take time, but it is well worth the effort!

Finally, remember that it is never too late to train your dog in the area of barking. As a dog gets older and more set in his ways, it may be a little more trying, but it is possible. Also remember to reward your dog abundantly when he does things right. If you feel you must punish your pup, a harmless and safe way to do so is by keeping a water spritzer nearby. If your dog barks, simply spritz them with water on the nose and say No. Good luck training your barky dog! If you need additional information, libraries and pet stores offer excellent training resources.

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Interior House Design Achieve The Look You Want Without Breaking The Bank

By Josh Neumann

So many people today want to change their interior house design, but often times are held back by a lack of money. Many people have the mistaken belief that redesigning their home will either take too much time or money to pull off.

Actually, this is only the case when you get started with your new interior house design without having a plan. Here’s a simple way to develop a plan to achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.

First of all, as with any endeavor, plan out how much money you will have available to spend for your interior house design. Quite simply, without this budget in mind, you will greatly exceed your limit, and will end up broke once the work is done.


Plan out the maximum amount you can spend for the project, and then allocate a certain amount for each room. Obviously, the bigger the room, the more money you will spend.

Once this is done, plan out the way you want your new home interior to look. Pick out the wall color, furniture, etc. Now, establish a schedule for achieving each individual goal. For instance, you might decide to change the wall color by a certain date, get a new couch in by a certain date, etc.

Make sure you have a specific date in mind for each part of the project. Without knowing how long you want the project to take, it can and will drag on for weeks and months longer than you anticipated. A lack of planning is the downfall of many an interior house design project; don’t become another victim.

When shopping, instead of starting out at your local department stores, try checking out the internet. Often times, you can find much better bargains online than you’d ever find at a physical store. There are literally thousands of interior design website on the internet, and you will have no trouble locating the materials you need for your home at a reasonable price.

Again, this is merely a brief yet very important outline for how to go about achieving the interior house design you want. Establish a plan, a budget, the dates to get each part of the project completed, and you will soon have the home of your dreams at a much cheaper price than you ever thought possible.

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Toddler Toys Simple Guidelines To Follow While Buying Them

By Chris Peace

Buying toddler toys can be a fairly simple task – that is of course if you are not a first time parent. First time parents might find this task a bit more challenging. Although most toddler toys available in the market are made exclusively for toddlers and you can pick them of the shelf without worrying too much, here are some pointers that you should keep in mind while shopping for your little bundle of joy:

The simpler the better

Simple, large and durable toddler toys are a sure shot thing. Exploring is part of what a toddler does and that includes tasting their toys and therefore care must be taken to ensure that the toys do not have sharp edges and are made of materials that are non toxic. One must also keep in mind that toddlers are also developing their physical skills at this stage and therefore there will be a tendency to throw their toys around quite a bit so make sure the toys that you pick up score high on durability.

Keep the toddler in charge

At this stage in their lives toddler are busy experimenting and figuring out how to do things their way. It is because of this that it is important to make sure their toddler toys let them feel like they are in charge. Choose playthings that do not function by themselves like stacking cups, blocks, push and pull toys. These toys let the toddler decide what he or she wants to do with it.


Buy toddler toys that grow with your child

It is important that a toddler has a few toys in his or her collection that serve a different purpose as they grow up. A simple example of this could be a push toy large enough to serve as a walker and then perhaps a couple of years later it could be used as wagon with a dumper for blocks etc.

Don’t be gender bias

Toddler toys are more or less unisex. Do not try and get into buying toys based on the gender of your child. It is important to remember that at this age the likes of both girls and boys hardly differ from each other.


Since a toddler’s toys are the most important learning agents in their lives it is very important to ensure that the playpen has a large variety of toys that help a toddlers growth in areas like physical, mental, language and social skills. It is also important to maintain a balance between all these ensuring that your toddler has equal exposure to toys that help him or her develop in all the above areas.

Read the labels and research the toys

While most toddler toys are fairly straight forward purchases it is a wise habit to read the label before picking up the toy. The things that you would need to check for are the age group that the toy is made for and what material it is made of. Reading the label on toys before buying them ensure your child’s safety. It might also be a good idea to consult with you paediatrician – he or she will be able to give you a list of toys suitable for your baby. This way you can create the ideal play environment for your toddler.

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