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Every adjuster licensed in the state of Florida has to complete a required amount of continuing education every two years. Most licenses require at least 24 adjuster continuing education credits every two years. They require at least 10 credit hours in adjuster law and at least three credit hours in adjuster ethics. Their adjuster CE is required by the end of the month they were licensed in. Other than the two courses listed, the adjuster can choose what other courses they would like to complete. The Florida department of insurance regulates adjuster continuing education in the state of Florida. They keep track of what courses you have taken and how many additional credits you need to stay in compliance. They are also the agency that will impose fines and suspend your license if you do not meet their requirements. One good thing is that carry over hours do apply. Carry over hours refer to the extra credits an agent takes in one compliance period in excess to the required amount. So, if an agent completes 30 hours in one compliance period then six hours will transfer to the following compliance period. This means that the agent will only need to complete 18 additional CE credits for that period.

Insurance and public adjusters have a lot of responsibility. They are professionals in their industry and are indirectly responsible for up to millions of dollars changing hands each year. In order for an adjuster to keep their license active they must complete the required continuing education either online, self-study or in a classroom. Many insurance adjusters choose online continuing education to satisfy their requirements. The courses are typically inexpensive and more convenient than sitting in a classroom. If you have any questions regarding your adjuster CE due please contact an approved education provider. They will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction of what courses to purchase. They will also be able to tell you how many credits are due and when they are due by. Each state has different requirements. Online credits are easy to obtain because you can complete them from anywhere in the world with internet access. You do have to complete an exam at the end, but in Florida it does not have to be monitored if you do interactive courses. If you are just reading the book and taking the exam you will have to have a monitor present and sign an affidavit for you. They basically make sure you do not cheat during the test. In Florida, the exam is not open book. This is important because some states do allow open book exams.

Remember to stay current with all of your continuing education so you do not receive any fines from the department of insurance or even lose your license! Usually, they will send out a letter letting you know you are behind on your continuing education. But, they do take it very seriously and have been known to revoke licenses from time to time.

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