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Men go for looks my boss for example goes for the tall, skinny, good looking blondes, while others rate a girl on her ass or the size of her boobs. For most men, personalities are secondary, something that only comes into question when a relationship gets more serious, after all you dont need a personality to have good sex!

Women on the other hand more often than not are looking for that nice, polite bloke, someone who is going to treat her right, show her some respect and consideration and someone who is going to sweep her off her feet.

Sure, the shallow guys get lots of girls, they are surrounded at the bar or in the night club and all the other guys just enviously look on. But in the cold light of day, when all the excitement wears off and everyone has come down to earth with a bump, how many of those guys have a meaningful relationship. Are they truly happy, any less lonely than the normal guy and do they really know how to treat a woman, or understand what they want out of life


And the real question is, are they what women really want and the answer is generally no.

Women are after that good looking guy, thats something we cant deny, but at the end of the day appearance and personality are more important and the guy that puts in that little extra effort to make him stand out from the crowd will be the one that wins through.

Sexual attraction isnt all about looks, you see some really good looking guys who can never keep a girl. Sure, they might get a lot of dates, never be without a gorgeous looking girl on their arm but the odd date isnt for keeps and without the charm and personality the relationships rarely last.

So why am I telling you all this? Just so that youll stop wishing you were someone else, stop moping around and thinking that youll never get the girl of your dreams, stop thinking those extra good looking guys have all the luck. Women rate men by attractive personality traits, how they are treated and how sexy the guy is. The average guy can attract the hottest women just through learning the right skills and applying a little effort.

If you continue to expect women to accept you as they find you without making any kind of effort then yes, youll stay on the scrap heap and still be wondering in ten years time how those guys really do it. But, if you are prepared to learn the secrets of how to seduce women, how you can become a sex magnet and attract any girl and if you are prepared to put in the effort then you can and will attract women like flies. It just a game and you just need to learn how to play it.

You cant change your looks, unless of course youre going to opt for plastic surgery, but you can change your appearance through what you wear, how you act, body posture, learning to communicate, alluding charm and showing a positive attitude!

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