Protect Your Health With Foot And Ankle Services In Racine, Wi


It may surprise you to learn just how often people require the help of foot and ankle services, especially for seemingly mundane problems such as heel and arch pain. There are a number of reasons you may require such a service at least once in your lifetime, although it is recommended that you see such a specialist whenever you cannot explain the problems with your feet and ankles. Foot and ankle experts, otherwise known as podiatrists, receive additional and highly specified training to perform this unique medical service and are uniquely qualified to help you discover the cause of your discomfort.



Diabetes is categorized into two types: Type 1, a type with which you are born, and Type 2, a type developed over time and often associated with poor diet and excessive weight gain. Although the former type may not be cured and must be constantly regulated, the latter may be cured with proper diet and weight loss; however, you need foot and ankle services in Racine, WI regardless of the type diagnosed. This is because Racine foot and ankle services help to monitor potential risks associated with the disease, such as the development of gangrene in the extremities over time.

Sports Injury

Runners and those who participate in particularly motion-heavy sports are more likely to experience pain in the ankle, heel, and arch of the foot due to stress on the body over time. Foot and ankle services are designed to find the source of a problem and then offer a solution without forcing the player to leave the sport altogether, or it will keep a heavy exerciser active and ready to handle anything. This service is designed to minimize injury, so you must expect to be taught how to stand and move in the best way possible so as to avoid injury.

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